Special Classes

In addition to our traditional Tang Soo Do program, USA Martial Arts provides training in traditional martial arts weapons, Jujitsu, and Tai Chi. Students in the Special Needs program at our Naugatuck location have disabilities running the gamut from autism through needing a wheelchair to ambulate – and thrive in our atmosphere of respect, self confidence and physical activity.

Additionally, we also run special Self Defense and Fitness classes:

Self Defense

Karate’s main philosophy is that of self defense, not aggression.  As part of our core curriculum, self defense techniques are taught on a weekly basis.  Focus and alertness to your surroundings are emphasized, as are the means to get yourself out of a bad situation should you ever find yourself in one.

We also offer special Self Defense Workshops and Personal Protection Seminars, suitable for the teen years through adult.  We have a small group of professional trainers who can be booked for either a one time event, or an ongoing series of classes.  We are available to come to your school, church or place of business for a Workshop or Seminar.  One of our most popular Workshops is for senior high school women who are about to embrace a totally new environment.


Fitness Classes require separate registration, and vary for the two main studios – please see the schedules on our Locations page for more information.