Special Needs

Our Special Needs classes are very special – and tailored to those with special needs.

Our students in these classes have disabilities running the gamut from autism through needing a wheelchair to ambulate – and thrive in our atmosphere of respect, self confidence and physical activity. Whether the student has developmental or physical challenges, there are wonderful things happening here. No one gets turned away.

The benefits of our classes for children and adults extend well beyond learning kicks and punches. The classes focus on what can be done – what can be achieved – while promoting discipline, cognitive skills and ability. Our experienced instructors for these classes have taught challenged classes for many years – Master Janet Grimes, 2nd Dan Black Belt Misty Sherman and assistant 1st Dan Jessica Gallagher.

Our goal is for students to pick up all the tenets that karate teaches us, all the confidence and the self-respect — to be positive people, to be confident people, to show a lot of respect and dignity. The classes are an avenue for them to have all these traits, and to carry them out into their work or school or home environment.