The Dr. Curtis E. Tate College Scholarship Fund, Inc.

The Dr. Curtis E. Tate College Scholarship Fund was established in 1998 to honor the life of Curt Tate.

Dr. Tate died in his sleep in February 1998. He was a fierce competitor, a great martial artist, and one of the first members of USA Martial Arts. The scholarship is intended to provide financial aid to a qualifying student or child of a student of USA Martial Arts and is awarded annually in the amount of $1,500.00.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of achievement in relation to the student’s goals and character as determined from responses on the application, written recommendations, and the ability to meet the scholarship requirements. The award must be used to further the student’s college education and must be applied to school expenses in the year in which it is received. Awards are for one year but students/child of a student may reapply each year.


The Tate Scholarship Committee is comprised of a small group of dedicated and hardworking people who raise funds and award the scholarship. The committee meets four times each year.

Applicant Information

The award is currently $1,500.00.

Applicants for the award must be a member (or the child of a member) of USA Martial Arts or one of the associated Parks & Rec programs throughout Connecticut.

Please see the Application Form for additional eligibility details and requirements. To be considered for the award, completed applications should be sent to USA Martial Arts in Woodbury.

Fund Raising

The Scholarship would not be possible without the support of the USA Martial Arts family. Cash donations can be forwarded to USA Martial Arts in Woodbury.

Additionally, we encourage everyone to support our fund raising efforts by contributing to or attending one or more of the many events throughout the year:

    • Breast Cancer Awareness Equipment Sale
    • Flower Power Bulb Sale
    • Trick or Trunk Halloween Party
  • Self Defense Seminar
  • Self Defense Seminar for Women
  • Ninja Wars Dodgeball Tournament
  • Board Breaking Sale
  • Weapons Seminar

Stay tuned to our News & Events page for details about upcoming fundraising opportunities.


We wish to recognize the following award recipients:

Skylar Busch (2019)Skylar Busch
Daniel Laranetto (2018)Daniel Laranetto
Logan Gregory (2017)
Aaron Laranetto (2016)
Nicole Buckley (2015)
Nicole Buckley 2015
Katelyn Guerrera (2014)
Abigail Ray (2013)ImageComingSoon
Justine Leeper (2012)
Jason Feinman (2011)ImageComingSoon